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Established in 2002 and located in Nassau, Bahamas Top Notch Builders Ltd. hereinafter referred to as TNB; has been setting a high standard in the construction industry. TNB takes pride in the delivery of top notch construction and development solutions throughout The Bahamas, from inception to completion. This comes as a result of our innovative, in-house design/build team comprising of Architects, Engineers, Construction Tradesmen, Project Managers, Supervisors, Quantity Surveyors, Procurement and Logistic Coordinators. TNB already has an extensive number of completed contracts that we are proud to showcase. These include civil works, construction, mass earth works, pipe and drainage wells. We employ a highly skilled workforce and our employees have extensive experience in all areas of commercial construction, from pre-construction to close out.

We are also able to attain our desired high standards through the consistent liaising with clients, to meet their needs and achieve the relevant progress. TNB has also been able to reach this success through the extensive experience of working with an emporium of suppliers, sub-contractors and materials specialist local and international.


Services Offered By TNB:


TNB takes on the management and procurement of all construction/design documents inclusive of the complete construction process for the guaranteed achievement of an immaculate finished product. Nevertheless, we keep our clients in the midst to ensure their satisfaction and project budget.


Resort Development

TNB has established project team relations with successful developers within The Bahamas and can manage completely or in-part resort developmental phases.


Architecture/Design Engineering

TNB offers architectural and engineering services through our cooperate design team for various projects; from marinas, condominiums, luxury homes, industrial buildings and subdivisions. Our design capabilities extend to 3D Rendering and Project Replica Modelling.


Project Management/ Owner Representation

TNB through our extensive experience has recognized the need for Owner’s Representation in lieu of the potential impact to the successful and satisfactory completion of a project.


Heavy Equipment & Specialty Tools Rental

TNB Heavy Equipment Department is aware that heavy equipment operation is a job that is in good demand across The Bahamas and has sought to go beyond the essential four main pieces of heavy equipment used on a commercial worksite; Backhoe, Bulldozer, Excavator and Front End Loader. We have further expounded services to provide specialty tools to expedite project completion as well as proliferate quality of finish.  

Specialty Construction Material Manufacturing and Supply

TNB has seen the need for quality construction products and established various manufacturing plants from concrete masonry products, ready-mix concrete, asphalt products, pre-fabricated cold formed metal products, solid surfaces customization and a general hardware store.


We believe in doing what we say we will do and always deliver an impeccable work product on time and on budget. The consistent, reliable service we provide evokes accolades and referrals from satisfied customers. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our organization and excellence is demonstrated in everything we do.

About Us


TNB, a one stop shop with a Global diverse work force, where we take your dreams and innovative ideas and turn them into pictures and then into quality tangible structures that are affordable and attainable.

   Without compromise we will complete  your project on time from here (The Present) to there (The Future).

Our Mission
Our Projects
Deisgn Build

Management Team

Samson Hield
Managing Director
Tel:  242-362-1490

Monique Bonaby
General Manager
Tel:  242-362-1490 / 242-601-0147

Management Team

#73 Adelaide Road,

Nassau, The Bahamas

P.O.Box CR-55215

Tel:  242-362-1490

Tel:   242-601-0147 (Design Office)

Fax: 242-362-1456


Click here to find us on the map.



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:


Freeport, Grand Bahama

The Bahamas

P.O.Box CR-55215

Tel:  242-602-1032

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